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Energy: Minerals and Mining Solutions

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Identifying, coordinating and allocating raw materials to end buyers. SYEDZ facilitate the mining sector by bargain to trade between the existing established suppliers and buyers. We employ a professional and specialist crew, with high industry standard experience to provide the highest quality of service for clients. Currently SYEDZ is involved in the sectors of steam and coking coal, iron ore, sugar, metallurgical coke, etc mainly from Indonesia, Mexico, Australia, USA, Russia and Zimbabwe.


Technological Solutions

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SYEDZ is committed to identifying technological solutions to the issues and problems that are directly affecting the people and to conduct research and development (R&D) and/or customization of technologies that could bridge the gaps to meet the local needs. SYEDZ keeps in mind that the solutions identified, developed or customized shall be acceptable to the local conditions and within their affordability.


Alternate Energy Resources

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Most of our energy is currently produced by burning Oil, Gas and Coal. But these resources are finite and can’t be replenished by human beings in the ground and so when it's all extracted we'll have nothing left to burn, therefore, we have to find other ways and means to produce energy. Options are to i) either use free natural energy, such as wind, water, even ocean wave energy or sun power; or ii) to grow it as bio-fuel.

Since in the first option these supplies are constant, and/or renewable, they will never run out till the last day on earth, but they are not been properly researched and developed to a commercial and mass-production scale, therefore, they are still expensive and complicated technologies.

The need of the day is to explore this free and sustainable energy of nature to benefit the present and the future generations to come. SYEDZ with its partners and allies is committed to strive to introduce, promote, custamize, develop and make these alternate resources of energy more accessible, technologically simple and as affordable as possible to match the localized needs of communities/consumerss.


Trading Solutions

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SYEDZ Trading Solutions range from software to hardware and from products to services. The aim of SYEDZ is to provide a reliable, fast, trustable services by linking inventors, creators, manufactures, sellers with potential buyers and consumers in a systematic, sustainable and transparent way for creating Value for Money - Efficient, Effective and Economical.


Consulting Solutions

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From expert guidance to complete execution, SYEDZ offers consulting services that deliver sustainable value to our clients. Our commitment to our client's success is what sets us apart from other consulting firms. SYEDZ provide management, IT, Planning, M&E and Execution services to it's for-profit as well as not-for-profit organizations and individuals.

To meet the challenges and capture the opportunities of today's Internet-based economy, businesses must establish a global information network that supports real-time information exchange and collaboration with all of their trading partners. They must seek out trading networks that will support the exchange of business information, enabling suppliers to access customer demand information, and customers to obtain real-time, accurate status on product availability.

SYEDZ helps individual and corporate partners increase revenues, promote customer loyalty, and save money by accessing new customers, responding to customer demand, collaborating with trading partners, and reducing inventories, cycle times, and procurement costs.


SYEDZ Foundation

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Key to SYEDZ vision is an "Enabling World for Everyone", which is taken in it's Tag Line 'enabling people' in all the possible ways and means without discrimination of any kind and/or forms. This is done through the fact that 50% of all SYEDZ profit goes to CHERITY, which is invested in initiatives that are directly benefiting the PEOPLE in REAL NEED through SYEDZ Foundation, which is further invested through it's development partners like Social AID and others implementing partners for the socio-economic and environmental uplift of the people.

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